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Fantasy is not a genre usually associated with summer reading, so I've devised a treat with a twist. I've teamed up with some other lovely authors to bring you a range of books in a range of genres, all on sale this week for the U.S. market.

Here are the details:

Hart Johnson

Hart has her books, A Shot in the Light I-IV, and A Shot in the Light V-VIII on sale this week for $0.99. These books are thrillers about an avian flu outbreak. You should check them out!

A Shot in the Light I-IV

A Shot in the Light V-VIII

Lynette Ferreira

Lynette brings to the table two vampire books that will knock your socks off. Both for $0.99 each.

William The Damned (A Vampire Pirate)

The Vampire Pirate's Daughter

Jade C Jamison

Take a walk on the wild side with Jade's entire sexy collection, all on sale until the release of her next novel, Finger Bang.

Find all of Jade's novels at her Amazon Author Page

Don't Forget About Me!

All three of my epic fantasy novels are on sale all this week for $0.99 each. If you're looking for a great fantasy adventure, you've come to the right place. Don't believe me? Check the reviews on my Amazon page for each book.

The Time Weaver




I appreciate every single person who comes to visit this site. If you like seeing deals like this, or know of any other deals going on right now, let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading!

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The Search for Round 2

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I've never felt anxiety like this before. I've always had total confidence in my work. Even when I've failed, I knew I could pinpoint what I did wrong, and work harder to improve myself.

So why is this year's Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award contest any different?

Perhaps a little background on the contest, for those who don't know. The Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award, or ABNA as most people call it, is held every year by Amazon to find the best and brightest new authors and books in the industry. I entered the contest for the first time in 2011 with my debut novel, The Time Weaver, and didn't make it past the first round.

The pitch round.

That is the source of my anxiety. A 300-word pitch that gets judged by Amazon editors, and only two thousand out of ten thousand entrants will move on to the second round. Why should I be so confident that I will make it? Because for the last four years, I've spent time helping countless writers hone their pitch for this contest. Many of them have made it through.

I haven't.

Three years I've entered ABNA, and three years I've failed to move on. I try to put on a happy face and cheer on my other friends, but there's always a part of me that burns up inside, wondering what I did wrong, or how I could have written a better, stronger pitch, so that it would make it through along with my friends.

Amazon gives us no feedback on the pitch. Either you make it through, or you don't. So I'm left a veritable expert on how to write a great pitch for a story who can't come up with something to get my own book through the first round.

This brings me back to the source of my anxiety.

I've entered The Time Weaver one last time. Fourth time's a charm, right? Thing is, if it doesn't make it through this year, it will likely be the last time I attempt it for The Time Weaver. Because what's the point of beating a dead horse? When the contest comes around again, I'll have The Spell Breaker ready to enter, and maybe have a better chance at coming up with something great to get it through.

In the meantime, ABNA 2014 is under way. My entry is in, my pitch is written, and I've done everything I can in order to get it through this year. All I can do it sit around and wait in an ever-building pool of anxiety for March 18, and then search for my name on the list of those who made it through.

Wish me luck.

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The End Begins with Reprisal

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I have a confession to make: I haven't posted here in a very long time, and I'm really, really, REALLY sorry. I have no excuses.

But... I do have some happy news to share today.

The third and final book in The Time Weaver Chronicles, Reprisal, is now live on Amazon. Today is release day, and a very happy day for me.

A little over three years ago, I started writing. Back then, I never would have imagined that what came out of my imagination would become three full length novels. With the help and support of many friends and family, I've published them and become a reasonably successful independent author. I could never have done this alone.

So what is this new book about? Here's the description:

Galadir is in trouble...

Their hero is missing in action, and the trouble isn't over yet. The remnants of the Findoor army, led by Malia, flee into the west after the dark wizard Grian usurps the throne.

Grian is the most dangerous threat the people of Galadir have ever faced. With a massive army of undead, he invades a kingdom to the west. Narshuks to the south are dying of a disease unleashed by Grian. Wizards to the east struggle against his wraiths to hold on to their stronghold and the libraries within.

Hope comes from an unlikely source, as one man hatches a plan that will show Galadir they can fight for themselves. But Grian has finally found what he's been looking for, and as he prepares for his final assault on the east to capture what he seeks, all of Galadir confronts him, brought together by a mysterious force.

All of the pieces are in place, but nobody can be sure if the resistance will be enough to defeat Grian once and for all.

The battle for Galadir has begun.

Can you feel the excitement? I know I can.

If you've never read The Time Weaver Chronicles, start here with The Time Weaver. Then move on to Legacy.

Finally, finish off with Reprisal.

So if you're looking for a good book to read, I've got three now available. And if you're looking for more tips, tricks, and publishing wisdom, I'll start making regular posts again, just for you.

Thanks for being part of my journey, and I hope you'll stick around to see what happens next.

Thanks for reading!

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